Actor access


– For 180 days 99€ *(see details).
– Exclusive productions, no party horde on set.

Our productions are not party events.
The dates can only be booked here on as a actor.

There is no obligation to participate in every production.

The 99€ fee is for the administration of your actor account.
With every participation in a production (approx. 12 productions in 6 months) you will be paid a fee in cash.

* Details

The final entry into our register of actors will be made at your first appearance on location (for your first shoot).
You will be charged € 99.00 for inclusion in our register of performers.
You will then be registered as an active actor for Spermastudio productions for 180 calendar days.
After the 180 calendar days the registration fee will be due again.

The registration fee of € 99,00 includes a one-time cost contribution of € 30,00 for the first production event.
This cost contribution is due exclusively for the health test
hygiene articles, towels, drinks and a simple snack buffet.

For each further production event within these 180 calendar days, a cost contribution of
a cost contribution of € 30.00 will be due again.
This cost contribution applies exclusively to the health test,
hygiene articles, towels, drinks and a simple snack buffet.

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