Actors who meet one of the following requirements may participate.
- Fully vaccinated
- Recovered and vaccinated.

Thank you for your understanding
Sperm Studio Team

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Production 25.09.2021
Production 25.09.2021
Production 08.10.2021
Production 08.10.2021

Please note the following

If you have registered for a production and cannot take part,
Please CANCEL your registration for the production.

This will give others the opportunity to take part.
Because we rely on a balanced number of actors.
  Welcome as an actor on Actor eFrame. Please note the following points:
  • If you have registered for a production and cannot attend, you can cancel it yourself, you can cancel it yourself. How? Log in. In the menu at the top, go to Productions -> "Meine Buchungen" -> select booking and click on "Abbrechen".
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  • You will be logged out automatically when you close the browser.


We are a film production and not a party organiser. For this reason, only registered participants (actors) take part in our productions.

We will pay you an actor's fee in cash on the day of the production.

- Register here under Register
- After registration you can choose a production.
- Book it for yourself.
- You will receive a confirmation email from us.
- On the day of the production the fee (99€ for 6 months) is due on site.
- We will register you as a performer and you will get the status "active".

A booking is required to participate in a production.

There is no longer a possibility to register there.

There are 2 levels of membership.
"Casting" and "Actor"
"Casting" is the level after registration.
You have up to 1 year time after registration to participate in a production.
If not, your account will be deleted again
If you participate in a production, your account will be upgraded to "Actor" and is valid for 180 days.
During this time, you will receive a cash payment from us for every participation in a production.

Your data will only be used for internal purposes and will not be passed on to third parties.
The website complies with the German Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO).

What should be considered when booking to participate in a production?

Log in. In the menu at the top, go to Productions -> "Meine Buchungen" Select booking and click on "Abbrechen".
Write a message via the contact form or WhatsApp to +491745435711