Then we try to clarify things.

Where do you find us?
In Düren.

You’ve never been to sperm studio before, and you want to know how it works?

What is Spermastudio? 

We produce since 2006 Gangbang movies and you can be a part of it.
We are not a „party organizer“.

Can I participate too?
If you are well-groomed and knowledgeable, that should not be a problem.


We always shoot 2 takes (a take is a video shot)
Each take takes about 45 minutes with a 40-50 minute break in between.

It’s relatively relaxed while taking a take Anyone can … everyone should.
If it does not work, just keep something out of the picture.
No problem. We are all just people.

We hope to bring some light to the future for participants: -)