LOCATION EVENING on 23.09.2023 at the Spermastudio.

We invite you to the Location Evening.
Cosima and Carmen Joy have agreed to be guests.

Pure Spermastudio.

Here is a brief description of the location evenings:
This is a meeting with action but without a camera.
In other words, it’s a kind of relaxed way for the participants to get to know each other.

Get a impression of the location, the Spermastudio team, of course the girls and everything else that belongs to it.
No actor contracts are needed on this evening.

On this evening, we will raffle off a 6-month subscription to SPERMA-STUDIO.COM among all participants.

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When and where?

Date: 23.09.2023 SATURDAY
Appointment details:
Location: Düren
Time: Evening appointment

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