Information about the production on 16.09.2022
We have not found a good replacement for Emma Starr at such short notice.
However, the production will take place with SperMarie on 16.09.2022.
Would still appreciate your participation.
If not, just cancel your booking at

Emma Starr has informed us that she will not be able to attend the production due to illness.
The news came at relatively short notice and we are looking for an adequate replacement for Emma Starr.
We will announce the new model by Thursday afternoon.
If we cannot find a replacement at such short notice, the production will still go ahead on 16/09/2022 with SperMarie.
Sorry for this little chaos just before the start of the production.
Greetings from the Spermastudio team

We look forward to your participation in a production with Emma Starr and SperMarie on 16th September 2022 in Spermastudio.

When and where?

Date: 16.09.2022 FRIDAY
Appointment details:
Location: Düren
Time: Evening appointment

Dieser Inhalt ist Mitgliedern vorbehalten.

There are no further costs.
If it is your first participation, you will be charged 99€.
No further costs for 180 days after that.

This is an without condom production.
Registration is required to participate in a production.
For better planning of the production, and to notify you if there are any changes.


Current Covid19 regulation for our productions:
All participants must have a Covid19 antigen test before entering the studio.
This is free of charge.
A test team is available.
An officially recognised test certificate will be issued.

Overnight stay

Dieser Inhalt ist Mitgliedern vorbehalten.